Sunday, April 26, 2009

John Singer Sargent lecture at the Salem Athenaeum

Ooooo, sign me up for this one. At the end of your work week, kick back with wine and cheese in a gorgeous, historic library, with cherry trees blossoming in the private garden... then pull up a chair to listen to a supreme art historian, Mary Crawfod-Volk, discuss and present a slide show titled: Sargent and Boston: Love at First (and Second!) Sight. Volk has won awards for her engaging lecture style from Harvard Extension Schol.

The Salem Athenauem, a hundreds-year old society, is housed on historic Essex Street in Salem. Its halls have the echos of many prominent members: Edward Augustus Holyoke, physician and a founder of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences,author Nathaniel Hawthorne, mathematician Nathaniel Bowditch, author of the still-used New American Practical Navigator, United States Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story, American Impressionist painter Frank W. Benson, and more. Wine and cheese at 7 pm, lecure presentation 7:30 pm. Friday, May 1st.

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