Friday, June 5, 2009

Ovation for Obamas on Broadway

Ok, so the NEA doesn't exactly have the funding it deserves, but I can't help but say thanks to the President and the First Lady for reminding the nation that live theatre is a great option for date night. And, thanks also for reminding us that Broadway doesn't necessarily mean Cats. They saw an August Wilson play.

Is it me or does Broadway seem a little less fearful of taking on the heavy hitter playwrights these days? We know how tempting it is to produce Guys and Dolls when we've had enough of Guys and Dolls... so thanks Broadway for being fearless in a fearful time. It seems to me that people are spending money on what they value-- and quality theatre is on that list. And the Obamas reminded us that compelling theatre can be a sexy night out. So as women purchase Michelle's J Crew clothes and work out their arms, let's hope that our lovers come home with theatre tickets for date night... and maybe, just maybe the President's trip to Broadway will remind him of the value of the arts. For now, the commercial was a good one!